[The Devil Changes You]

by Bad Blood Exhaust

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Nicky - Drums
Jona - Bass
Kon - Keyboards/Sampler
Martin - Guitar
Nan - Guitar
Danny - Vocals

Produced by Bad Blood Exhaust
Mixed and Mastered by Danny Chane

Additional Credits:
Gerrit Skott - Co-Production on track 2


released July 14, 2017



all rights reserved


Bad Blood Exhaust Hamburg, Germany

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Track Name: Horns Of Dilemma
So, run.
The fire in ourselves starts to spread.
The warmth,
the warmth we used to joy will kill us all.
Can't say we never saw this coming,
it was so far away.
So far away.

No one is here to save you.
Now we stand alone, now we stand alone.
No one will ever help you,
cause we are on our own.

Last time I was your victim.
This time I am playing your role,
cause I've had enough.

I long for her pulse,
I long for her warmth.
There's still a piece of hope in me.
It's a seduction,
total destruction.
My body burns like gasoline,
I never thought I'd ever fail like this.
Look what I have become,
look what I have become.

You hear my breath,
you touch my chest.
You can there's nothing left.
You realize
the cave inside.
There's no heart to steal or find.

My heart's like wood it catches fire
and slowly burns away.
Soon, you will find yourself alone.
You'll be on ya own,
you'll be on ya own.
Track Name: Underworld [Dancing With The Devil]
The moon is our sun, the day is our light.
We live in the shadows we don't see the light.
This is fucking hell, there's no return.
Welcome, this is underworld.
This is our district and you are the lost.
This is the line you never shoulda cross.
This is the moment you taste regret.
Face it bitch, there's no way back.

All hopes are gone, so give us your soul.

You cannot escape from us anymore.
You're hollow inside, more than you've been before.
You realize it's too late.

Thinking that we had hearts was a mistake
You are stuck in the relentless
We'll never let you go, we are your bane.
This is hell, this an endless,
An endless pain.

you're under control,
there's nobody here
who's coming for you
Who's coming to save you
If you dance with the devil, the devil doesn't change.
The devil changes you and you'll see it's too late.